The Game Story Project

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The path by which I came upon this Game Story idea was a little convoluted ......

One day when I was walking around in a bookstore, I saw a book on a blackjack-playing system which, if you execute properly, will win you money in the long run. I am no expert in math and statistics, but I think such system can be found is partly due to the fact that your opponent's moves can be predicted. (In blackjack, the house has to play in a certain way.) I wondered, in a game where you don't know how your opponents are going to play, is it still possible to have an "optimal" strategy? In fact, such a game presents a double challenge (at least compared to blackjack and chess): First, you don't see others' hands, as opposed to chess where you see everything. Second, you don't know how others are going to play, unlike blackjack.

There is another interesting phenomenon about games - many of them exhibit chaotic behaviour. Outcome of the game can be vastly different due to one little move or non-move in the play sequence. This leads to a larger question: Can we consistently achieve optimal gain in a chaotic environment? Is such a problem tractable at all?

I am no expert in anything, but I suspect that studying games can lead to advances in the following fields:

  • Statistics, data mining (with a lot of game data)
  • Game theory (Duh?!)
  • Chaos and complexity theory

To confirm my suspicion, I need a lot of help. I need the game (whatever game I choose as the media of the study. Right now, the game of choice is Big2.) to be played in different ways. This is how the contest idea came to mind. Holding a contest gives the project a certain appeal to hackers/programmers. It is also a great way to generate game data. Once we have tons of game data, researchers can get to work. Eventually, I-don't-know-how-many years down the road, even gamblers may benefit. (Look back to the first paragraph if you don't know what I'm talking about.)

In my vision, Game Story serves the folowing purposes:

  • For gamblers, in Game Story lies the secret of the ultimate strategy.
  • For academics, Game Story lays the gateway to a deeper understanding of nature.
  • For hackers and programmers, Game Story offers you a chance to show off your skills.

Like I said, I need a lot of help to make this happen. Please help!!!